Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian-Creole Twist (please note the book is in digital format)
Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian-Creole Twist (please note the book is in digital format)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian-Creole Twist (please note the book is in digital format)

Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian-Creole Twist (please note the book is in digital format)

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Let’s get straight to it! The truth is, you can revamp any boring dish by adding a Haitian twist using very simple ingredients!

What will you learn from this book?

1. A combination of the simplest ingredients to load your dishes with flavors

2. A simple marinade recipe that you can use to revamp most dishes with a Creole twist

3. A variety of ideas on how to revamp leftovers into new flavorful dishes, and

4. How to mix a few quick snacks loaded with flavors on busy days

5. How to take small steps to improve your eating habits

Reviews from Readers

"I've always loved traveling and incorporating flavors from the cultures I visit into my kitchen. During this strange season where we've all had to stop or postpone our adventures, Elsy's latest book offers a welcomed reprieve. Her creative twist on standard American pantry staples with unique creole flavors is just what we need to bring a little zest back into this slower period.

I've really enjoyed making these recipes with my entire family - not only are they simple enough for most ages to help with and also eat, but they are also a great tool for helping children learn about other cultures. Thank you Elsy for writing another book to help us extend that sense of travel and global connectedness back into our kitchens!"
- Katie

"Elsy Dinvil's latest book about cooking, "Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist," begins with her thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic viewed through the lens of her life, then skillfully leads you into her philosophy on food and nutrition. Before you realize it, you're being introduced to Haitian spices, condiments, and basic ingredients. It's a short step from there to her many recipes.

Elsy's easy conversational style has you feeling like you are just having a cup of coffee with her in your kitchen. Next thing you know, the pots and pans and spices are out, and she's chatting with you and looking over your shoulder while you're preparing simple but delicious meals using whatever you have lying around in your pantry! If you're just beginning to experiment with cooking at home while sheltering in place, or just bored with the same old recipes, "Spice Up" will show you how to add pizazz to your cooking without breaking a sweat (unless you add lots of those habanero peppers she's always talking about!). Highly recommended."
- Brian

"Spice Simple Dishes with a Haitian Twist by Author Elsie Dinvil is engaging and inspiring. The book tells her personal story and is full of mouthwatering recipes. I prepared one of the recipes, Tuna Pot Pie, which instantly became a favorite. If you want to make healthy and simple recipes, I highly recommend Spice Simply Dishes with a Haitian Twist."
- Marie

"In her new e-book, “Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist,” Chef Elsy Dinvil provides recipes for cooking healthy and flavorful foods at home with pantry stables while being sensitive to people with dietary restrictions. 

I am amazed how easy many of the dishes I enjoy at restaurants can be made at home with ingredients and herbs I already have on hand. I am hooked! What Chef Elsy does in this e-book is simplify restaurant level recipes with direct and uncomplicated instructions for the home cook then show them how to create subsequent dishes by adding simple ingredients to the original ones. It’s like being handed the sacred book of chefs’ secrets for quick and delicious dishes loaded with flavors. 

The layout of the series of recipes flow nicely, and I can follow the more complex subsequent recipes without needing to go back to another part of the book to review the basic instructions. Chef Elsy’s relatable struggles with dietary restrictions and thoughtful insights on alternative substitutions make it easy for me to cater to my meat-eating, gluten-free, and vegan family and friends. She offers alternatives to basically everyone."
- Diem

"Elsy introduced me to Haitian food, which I’m forever grateful to her for. My taste buds will never be the same! She has made preparing and cooking Haitian food feasible; accessible to the common consumer who wouldn’t otherwise know where to start. She has made me feel confident about preparing delicious food for my family and learning about Haiti while doing so!”  
- Brittany

"I enjoyed reading Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist because I loved Elsy’s humor as a Chef from the beginning to the end of the book and how profound and detailed yet simple her explanations were. 

After reading Elsy’s first book, Cooking with My Mother, I was intrigued of how detailed the book was. When Elsy described the places in Haiti, the sounds and visuals of different elements around the city where she grew up, and Haitian dishes in Cooking With My Mother, I felt as if I was walking the streets of Haiti. Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist is no different. As Elsy explained and took me through my pantry, it felt as if she was in my kitchen as she walked me step by step on what to look for and how to mix and match ingredients to create delicious dishes I would not have thought of. Even from the basics of our pantry, as I read the book,

Elsy took popular American pantry staples to another level as she invited us to experiment with "Creole" spices and flavors. Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist is not the familiar boring cookbook that you have to read and study then try to comprehend, and attempt to prepare the dish. Oh no! In this cookbook, Elsy Dinvil takes us by the hand and guides us to develop simple and inexpensive, but flavorful and healthy dishes. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a beginner, join me in this journey to spice up our pantry. You won't be disappointed. As you read this cookbook, be sure to also get her first book "Cooking with My Mother." Elsy’s love for fresh foods and home cooking comes out in both books. Thank you Elsy for introducing me to such rich flavors without having to spend a lot and explaining step by step and in simple words how to make each dish."
- Cornelia