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All the sass without the fuss.

Creole Me Up is a business that specializes in producing organic, allergen-free, and overall healthy Haitian food products, catering services & teaching Haitian cuisine.

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The NEW Creole Me Up Clúub

The Creole Me Up Clùub creates an exclusive experience for its members to enjoy Haitian food products and delicacies not available to the public.

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Christmas Eve Pop-Up

Back on popular demand, the Creole Me Up Christmas Eve Pop Up is back this year. Check out the scrumptious menu and purchase your ticket!

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Freedom Soup Online Cooking Class

Join me on New Years Eve for a two-day Haitian cuisine boot camp. We'll meet on Thursday, December, 30th from 4:00 to 8:00PM Pacific time to cover the basics of Haitian seasonings, marinades, sauces and condiments, and on December, 31st, at the same time, we'll dive in to cook popular Haitian holiday dishes like soup joumou or freedom soup, or pumpkin soup, Haitian empanadas, and kremas, a Haitian coconut rum elixir.

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What Chef Elsy does in this e-book is simplify restaurant level recipes with direct and uncomplicated instructions for the home cook... It’s like being handed the sacred book of chefs’ secrets for quick and delicious dishes loaded with flavors. 


Elsy introduced me to Haitian food, which I’m forever grateful to her for. My taste buds will never be the same! She has made preparing and cooking Haitian food feasible; accessible to the common consumer who wouldn’t otherwise know where to start.


I enjoyed reading Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist because I loved Elsy’s humor as a Chef from the beginning to the end of the book and how profound and detailed yet simple her explanations were.


I've always loved traveling and incorporating flavors from the cultures I visit into my kitchen. During this strange season where we've all had to stop or postpone our adventures, Elsy's latest book offers a welcomed reprieve. Her creative twist on standard American pantry staples with unique creole flavors is just what we need to bring a little zest back into this slower period.


Elsy Dinvil's latest book about cooking, "Spice Up Simple Dishes With A Haitian Twist," begins with her thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic viewed through the lens of her life, then skillfully leads you into her philosophy on food and nutrition. Before you realize it, you're being introduced to Haitian spices, condiments, and basic ingredients. It's a short step from there to her many recipes.


Spice Simple Dishes with a Haitian Twist by Author Elsie Dinvil is engaging and inspiring. The book tells her personal story and is full of mouthwatering recipes. I prepared one of the recipes, Tuna Pot Pie, which instantly became a favorite. If you want to make healthy and simple recipes, I highly recommend Spice Simply Dishes with a Haitian Twist.