September 2018
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Your Guide to Haitian Home cooking

This book offers a cultural window into a middle class Haitian family that might differ from the taboos and misconceptions about Haiti. Tasteful authentic Haitian recipes weave through Elsy Dinvil's exciting childhood stories and experiences! While this book gives a feel for how most Haitian families do things, it pulls and invites the reader to have fun in the kitchen cooking from scratch, learn how to cook the most popular dishes in Haitian cuisine, and become a confident cook.

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Paul Hanford

‘What is a cookbook? Maybe a rendering as a magazine, something riding a wave of consumer expectation and suitability? What if it looks like our best friend’s biography and comes across with details of abject honesty and purpose? How many of us have rendered our own chickens or pounded our spices by hand? What if our mother’s hand was engaged in the bargain? Or what happens when we are so far from home we can’t even feel our mother’s hand? This book details the love of land, family and process extant. Recipes celebrate the memory.’

  • Richard Ireland
Richard Ireland

‘A tasty book filled with love, food and wonderful stories of Haiti. I highly recommend it as a main course or a fine dessert. She captures much of what is positive about Haiti. Try it you’ll like it.’

  • Richard Ireland
Layne Roberson

‘More than a book of recipes. An intimate joyous, illuminating recount of an often misunderstood and misrepresented culture through the real-lived experiences of its author. Unique and flavourful recipes guaranteed to be a first time encounter for many but a true delight. Beef up your cooking skills and open your heart to a world many have never encountered or conquered in such an inspiring and graceful way. A must for those seeking culinary diversity.’

  • Layne Roberson
Rita Jimenez

‘I loved reading Elsy’s stories and learned so much. There are similarities to the experience of my Puerto Rican father & grandparents. Weaving between family stories & Haitian food traditions is also a draw for foodies like me.’

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Ready to become a Haitian cuisine connaisseur?
Yes, the e-book is available for pre-order on Kindle via Amazon! Experience the captivating stories about Haitian culture interwoven with amazing recipes and upgrade your Haitian cooking skills with this book. You will certainly surprise your friends and family with your exciting revelations about Haitian culture! 
About the author
Elsy Dinvil was born in Jeremie, Haiti. She started cooking at an early age at her mother's side. 
She loved playing with food, which led her to pursue trainings in the food industry. She graduated from Ecole Hôtelière d'Haiti, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Haiti and later got a full scholarship to study Food Science Technology at Mount Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. A six-year struggle with food allergies led her to a greater understanding of the mystery of food and its impact on the body. Her passion is to help orient people to eating fresh unprocessed food. Currently, she is focusing on developing her line of allergen-free Creole Me Up sauces and condiments. She holds various Haitian food pop ups during the year, cooks alongside renowned chefs in town, and teaches Haitian cooking classes around Portland, Oregon where she presently lives.