We offer Haitian cuisine classes on request or via our partners. In our classes, we cover all the Haitian cuisine basics and cook fun & easy recipes you can include in your daily cooking.
DEC 31
12/31/2019 til 1/1/2020 
8pm - 1 am
@Oasis of Change, Portland
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Ring 2020 on a BIG bang on December with an activity that is at the same time fun and meaningful! Join us on December 31st at Oasis of Change for Haitian Freedom or Independence Day Soup (Pumpkin Soup). We will start prepping at 9:00PM, cook the soup, eat together, and serve a large part of the soup to the needy around Portland. We will talk about Haiti's rich history as the first independent black nation on the face of the earth and toast to the new year with some champagne!

DATE: Dec 31. 2019 til Jan 1. 2020
TIME: 9:00pm - 1am
LOCATION:  Oasis of Change, 2037 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR